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The Green Police was another name for the Gestapo during and before WWII. They were Nazi secret police that were in charge of internal security, together with the SS they caught and imprisoned Jews and other unwanted people.

The modern Green Police are an environmental task force comprised of collaborative law enforcement groups assembled to crack down on emissions in large USmetropolitan cities.

It is assembled as the active arm of political debates amongst policy holders in the fight against climate change. Also, it is seen by agencies as some of the first real world action in the United States since the discussion in Copenhagen.

In the UK, the Green Police, based in Warrington, Cheshire, have the authority to call on the Environmental Agency's national network of hundreds of pollution inspectors, many of whom will soon be trained in CO2 monitoring. The Green Police will also be able to demand energy bills from utilities without having to inform the companies that they are being monitored. If that's not enough, the green police will also publish an annual league table ranking companies by their performance in cutting emissions. The intent is to "shame" companies into better energy efficiency.

In the United States, CAP & Tradelegislation would mandate that "Green Police"/Government Agencies would have the right to Inspect your home. They would do the inspection every year at random and will not only charge you for the inspection, but fine you if you exceed a "carbon footprint". Should you decide not to pay them, or not have the funds, they will declare it "Unlawful" to reside in your own home. The reasoning behind this is not to protect the environment, but make the World Bank & International Monetary Fund & Rothschilds very wealthy.

This Energy Policy Act is part of Cap & Trade Legislation.

Verbatim Below:

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42 U.S.C. 6304).'(2) Each day of unlawful occupancy shall be considered a separate violation."

Read the Bill For Yourself, Don't listen to media on either side.

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The term "green police" refers to a broad range of grassroots movements and local law enforcement initiatives with respect to environmental laws. In essence, the green police is a social movement to officially or unofficially enforce local environmental regulations. In its official capacity, the green police is a nickname to a branch of local law enforcement in charge of ensuring environmental protection laws are followed. In its unofficial capacity, the term green police is a term referring to private citizens who report environmental violations to their local law enforcement agency, or enforce environmental rules at special events. The term green police has also been co-opted by companies and groups to promote environmentally-themed agendas and ad campaigns.

Police and law enforcement department around the world have launched "green police" divisions exclusively in charge of enforcing environmental laws. However, these special units are rarely officially called "green police," but rather have been given this nickname to make their mission clear to the general public. For example, New York City's Department of Environmental Conservation has commissioned a team of twenty special officers who are empowered to enforce environmental regulations, such as pulling over vehicles that are violating emission standards. This New York green police can also inspect food vendors to make sure conservation laws are being followed. In the UK, the Environment Agency has a similar special enforcement unit whose main task is enforce the provisions of the Carbon Reduction Commitment. This green police has been given wide powers to search company properties, examine energy use, and issue citations.

Vietnam and Israel have also fielded government green police units. In Israel, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has a Green Police (literally named "Green Police") to enforce green laws. The Israeli Green Police is charged with making sure water laws are followed, inspecting dairy farms, preventing hazardous waste from being dumped illegally, and ensuring asbestos is removed from buildings. In Vietnam, the Environment Police Department handles such tasks as stopping illegal wildlife trafficking and making sure companies do not violate green laws. For example, the Vietnamese green police prosecuted Vietnam Electricity for illegally selling oil from their Transformers.

The term green police also refers to anyone reporting environmental violations to local law enforcement. The green police can also refer to environmental watchdogs hired for public or private events. Like any other law enforcement agency, the official government green police rely on unofficial green police "informants" to let them know a law is being broken. At the Glastonbury Festival, festival organizers are hiring "green police" to spread environmental awareness and encourage environmentally responsible behavior. This Glastonbury Festival Green Police's duties include making sure festival goers dispose of their cigarettes properly, not urinate in the water and shrubbery, and pick up and recycle their trash. The environmental group Greenpeace is often referred to as the "Green Police" in their private, non-government sanctioned efforts to enforce whale conservation laws.

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They were called Green Police because their uniforms were green. Most people expect a deep and historical answer from a wierd name like the Green Police, but its pretty simple.

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Q: Why were they called green police?
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What were Adolf Hitler's secret police called?

The Gestapo was a secret police that showed their strength with the use of terror. Hitler and the Nazi party used this secret police to hunt down Jews, gypsies, etc. Once they found them, they would be sent to the concentration camps.

What was starlins secret police called?


What NYC police precinct was called the Alamo?


Who were the green police during World War 2?

Answer 1The 'Green Police' in NL (and elsewhere) were the GFP: Geheime Feldpolizei (Secret Field Police), who followed attacking, then occupying, Heer (Army) troops. Their mission was to ferret out and combat resistance, sabotage, subversion, espionage, etc. within defeated and occupied countries. They wore Heer green uniforms utilizing different, identifying piping. (Hence, 'Green Police'.) They collaborated with the SD, Gestapo, Feldgendarmerie, Heer, Abwehr and local police and intelligence operations, and possessed extraordinary powers. They were primarily a police function separate from the military, and were made up of policemen, former policemen and on-loan soldiers. They were very active in rounding up, and tracking down, downed enemy aircrew.Answer 2The Green Police Were Soilders That Would go Around Cheacking the Streets & Peoples Houses to Make Sure there Was No One Hidding there Who "Belonged in Consentrations Camps" During the Hollacust.Answer 3The Ordnungspolizei (Orpo) was the name for the uniformed regular German police force in existence during the period of Nazi Germany, notably between 1936 and 1945. It was increasingly absorbed into the Nazi police system. Owing to their green uniforms, they were also referred to as Grüne Polizei (green police). The Orpo brought together the city and municipal uniformed forces that had been organized on a state-by-state basis and covered the towns and cities, whereas the Gendarmerie (in Württemberg known as the Landjäger) covered small towns and rural areas.The Orpo assumed duties of regular uniformed law enforcement while the SiPo consisted of the secret state police (Geheime Staatspolizei or Gestapo) and criminal investigation police (Kriminalpolizei or Kripo).

Who organized a group of men from Vermont called the Green Mountain Boys?

Ethan Allen .

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Why are the the green police called the green police?

The term "green police" is often used colloquially to refer to environmentally-focused law enforcement agencies or officers who enforce environmental regulations or protect natural resources. They are called "green police" because of their emphasis on enforcing laws related to environmental protection and conservation.

Green Police who wrote it?

Green Police was written by Cheap Trick, remastered from their original song Dream Police - the Green Police commercial and teasers were launched in late January around a Green Police campaign created for the big game.

Are the Green Police NApunk or Industrial?

the green police were not industrial. They were a punk band. More of a rock band. hard to find their albums

How do governments enforce laws?

Police are like socks. They have red and green. Red light green light!!!! Horray 4 police

Do you capitalize green police?

No, "green police" should not be capitalized unless it is part of a title or heading where capitalization rules apply.

Define the Green Police?

The Green Police is a fictional police force mentioned in a series of advertisements promoting environmentally friendly products. The concept was later used in a song by the band Green Day. It portrays a future where environmental laws are strictly enforced.

Are the Green Police the same as the Gestapo?

No, the Green Police and the Gestapo are not the same. The Green Police were a group involved in enforcing environmental regulations in communist countries, while the Gestapo was the secret police of Nazi Germany that carried out mass surveillance, repression, and violence. The two groups had different purposes and historical contexts.

What did the green police do during world war 2?

what did the police do during the civil war?

What was another name for the Green Police?

The Ordnungspolizei (Orpo) was the name for the uniformed regular German police force in existence during the period of Nazi Germany, notably between 1936 and 1945. It was increasingly absorbed into the Nazi police system. Owing to their green uniforms, they were also referred to as Grüne Polizei (green police).

Were the World War 2 German 'Green Police' the same as the Secret Field Police?

No. The Green Police or Orpo assumed duties of regular uniformed law enforcement while the SiPo consisted of the secret state police (Geheime Staatspolizei or Gestapo) and criminal investigation police (Kriminalpolizei or Kripo).

Who caught Anne Frank?

The Green Police (Nazis)!

How did Anne frank get caught by Nazis?

A thief was among the Franks and Van Daans and they made noise so the thief called the Green Police Aka Nazis.