How far can a helicopter go up?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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That depends largely on the type of helicopter. This may be an interesting read.

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Q: How far can a helicopter go up?
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How do you control Bladez 3D Remote Control Helicopter?

Hit the throttle and the helicopter will go up.

How far can a helicopter fly on one tank of gas?

How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

How do you take helicopter rides in the snow resort in Go Vacation?

Turn around a little bit and you should see some pink circles not too far away. Go up to them and get off your form of transport (walk). Look at each map and it shows you where each helicopter goes. Then go in the circle near the map you want to go to and click A on your wii remote. Don't press A again because that skips the adventure of the helicopter!

How can fly on gta vcs on ps2?

Yes, you can fly a helicopter just go to the police station in the north on the island on the left of your map then go around back and go up the stairs then go up the ramp and there you will find a police helicopter.

How far does the demo go on Game Show Island?

You find the inventor and get the helicopter. However, you can't ride it.

How do you grab the helicopter in the Ocean Temple in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

first use the whip on the statue to get the helicopter up then tap the helicopter but hold it. dont let the whip go

Where can you find pick up helicopter from grand theft auto episodes from liberty city from the PS3?

find a police station go there there will be a helicopter'

How helicopter is go up high?

because of its blade that looks like a fan

How far from the helicopter are the rotors when in motion?

it is probably 1-3 feet depending on the helicopter

How do you go about buying a helicopter?

You cant go buy a helicopter directly from the shop. You must get license to buy a helicopter from the government. You should first tell why you need a helicopter

How fast do the tips of helicopter rotor blades go?

Some helicopter main rotor blades spin at roughly 185 rpm and extend out up to 20 ft so your question is subjective to the helicopter you are speaking of.

How far can an average remote controlled toy helicopter fly?

An average remote controlled helicopter has a range of 500 meters. This however can be boosted by some technical know-how to up to 2 miles if you wanted to.