Who makes Cavaliere range hoods?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Cavaliere ( Rebranded Spagno Vetro ) is made in China.

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Q: Who makes Cavaliere range hoods?
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What brands makes reliable chimney range hoods?

One brand that makes reliable chimney range hoods would be Whirlpool, and also KitchenAid. Many companies make this product available for a reasonable consumer.

Where can someone purchase Broan range hoods?

Broan range hoods can be purchased readily on eBay and also on Amazon as well as directly from the company. They are probably the best known manufacturer of range hoods in the US.

Where can I buy Range Hoods online?

There are many places where you can buy range hoods online. Two of these sites are and

Where can one find modern looking kitchen range hoods?

Bosch and whirlpool have some of the best range hoods on the market.

Where can one purchase ductless range hoods?

Ductless range hoods are probably the most common and economical to install. They are readily available from Home Depot and Lowe's. They are not as efficient as ducted hoods.

Which range hoods are the most efficient?

LG offers range hoods that are energy efficient and they look great and affordable in any kitchen.

Where can find reviews on oven range hoods for the kitchen?

A really good place to find reviews on oven range hoods is consumer reports. They have an online site and tell you all the pros and cons on oven range hoods for the kitchen.

Do range hoods need replacment filters?

Range hoods may need replacement filters, but only every three or five years.

Are any range hoods Energy Star rated?

Zephyr range hoods have been given an energy star rating as well as Broan.

Does Range Hood Supply carry filters for all brands of cooker hoods?

"Yes, Range Hood Supply carries filters for all brands of cooker hoods. You can purchase top quality range hoods without the top quality prices on range hood supplies."

Which range hoods ventilate the most?

Kenmore range hoods offers great ventilation since they offer multiple fan speeds that are a lot faster then your average range hood fan.

How much do island range hoods cost?

Island range hoods usually are sold for about $800 to $1,300. It depends on which model a person is more interested in and from where exactly they are purchasing it from.