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The ltr 450 with stock gearing is 87 mph, much faster than other atv's.

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Q: How fast is the suzuki ltr 450?
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Ltr 450 vs yfz 450 which wins?

the yfz would be better. Your garbage i kill modded out yfzs WIth my stock ltr 450. SUZUKI RULES!!!!!!!

Do all Suzuki ltr 450 have the exhaust in the middle?


What is the spark plug gap for a Suzuki ltr 450?

.028-.031 in.

Where is a dealership for a Susuki LTR 450 in Montana?

There are many different car dealers in Montana that offer the Suzuki LTR 450. Some examples of these car dealers include TNT Suzuki and Marine and Lithia Motors.

What goes faster the Suzuki LTR 450 or the Honda TRX700xx?

my Honda trx700xx will run 85 mph and my friends suzuki ltr 450 will run 79 mph so the Honda is faster it all depends on the stock gearing. i got my ltr up to 87mph

Suzuki ltr 450 vs Honda 450r how wins?

trx wins.

What is the valve clearance on a suzuki ltr 450?

.004in intake. 008in exhaust

Where can one purchase a Suzuki ltr 450?

There are many sources (both online and not) which would enable one to purchase a Suzuki ltr 450. These sources include, but are not limited to, ATV Trader Online, Amazon, ATV's website, LTR450 HQ's website and Motorsport.

How fast is a Suzuki 450?

not very

Will KfX 450 wheels fit on a LTR 450?

yes suzuki, kawi, Honda are the same bolt pattern. Yamaha is the different bolt pattern

Why did suzuki stop making the ltr450?

They stopped making the LTR 450 becuase the EPA has come to the conclusion that the LTR does not meet their emissions standards although they know that Suzuki is on top of its game when it comes to quads. But unfortunatly they have forced Suzuki to stop selling this machine.

How do you change oil in suzuki ltr 450?

Remove the Suzuki 450 oil pan plug. Allow the oil to drain out of the oil pan. Replace the plug to the oil pan. Fill the motor with oil.