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I just purchased a 2009 Ninja 250R. The manuel states you should not go over 6 RPM initially when you buy. This is a little unrealistic, considering if you purchase a sport bike, you going to want to try it out on the highway.

I've put over 250 km on the bike over the past couple of weeks. I've driven over 100 km/hour at 7.5 RPM. I've tried driving on long, fairly steep incline in 6th gear and the bike stayed at 100 with little effort.

Because I want to stay close to 6 RPM initially, I have tried to keep my speed down. I've researched and according to sources she can reach up to 144km/hour.

My trips have been relatively short because I am a new driver. For a woman, 5'2 and a new driver, I believe this is an excellent beginner bike and more comfortable than I expected.

One thing I did not expect was having to go into 2nd gear for driving on parking lots!

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Q: Top speed 2009 ninja 250r
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