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Here's are the answers given in Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: How do I ride with a passenger? Don�t, until you have enough solo experience. After that, go slower and brake earlier. How much experience should I have? Some people are perfectly capable of carrying passengers right away; others need a year or two of riding experience. Unlike luggage, passengers are heavy, floppy, and move by themselves. What do I need to tell my passenger? Tell them not to ride with you. Tell them that if they�re gonna ride with you they have to wear safety gear (helmet, gloves, boots, leather or Cordura jacket and at LEAST long pants). Tell them to look over your inside shoulder in a turn and never to put their feet down until you tell them to dismount. And HOLD ON. It depends on your personal preference and the type of bike, along with your level of experience. I personally would rather have that person on a different bike next to me than on the back of mine, since usually passengers are not riders themselves, and therefore do not understand that their movements are felt and need to be counteracted by the driver. make sure they know to NOT PUT THEIR FEET DOWN DURING A TURN. I've stopped giving rides to my friends because they do not understand this concept and are endangering themselves and me. I do think it's good for you to ride with a passenger at least once, to know what it's like in case you need to in an emergency. WHen I was 18 and had just gotten my license, my dad made me ride with him on the back so i would know what it would feel like. Once I was confortable with that, he shifted more and more to make me realize how squirmy passengers can be. I HIGHLY recommend an experience like this.. Another good thing to tell your passenger would be "Don't lean" a passenger should always stay perfectly straight with the bike! Turning their head to look at the scenery is perfectly fine but the second they lean one way or the other, they throw off the balance of the bike and the driver is tasked with correcting. The day I got my bike on the road, first time I wasn't a passenger, I went and picked up my girlfriend and gave her a ride... she had never been on a bike before so when we took the first turn, she got scared thinking we were going to fall and leaned the opposite way. In doing so she almost sent us off the side of the road. Luckily I knew how to correct. If you're going to have a rider on the back make sure they know not to lean... she never did it again!

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Q: When is it safe to have a passenger on your motorcycle?
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Are motorcycle passengers less safe than the drivers?

I'll never ride with a passenger and I'll tell you why. When you ride a motorcycle you have to lean into the curves. The driver has a better feel for the road than the passenger and knows how far to lean and how to control the throttle to pull out of it. The passenger does not necessarily have this sense, so it is possible they could add to the driver's lean or overcorrect when they pull out of it. They can also throw the bike off balance in ways the driver can't predict. It takes a very skilled driver and passenger to be safe on a motorcycle. So it isn't a matter of being safe or not safe. If the bike goes down then both the driver and the passenger are going to get pretty banged up. It is my feeling that the chance of an accident goes up when you have a passenger. It is also true that the passenger has more of a chance of not being prepared when the bike takes off and could fly off the back, so I guess statistically the passenger is in more danger than the driver, but it really just comes down to being experienced and safe. Stupid people are always at risk of injury.

Do you have to have a motorcycle license to be a passenger on a motorcycle?

No, It is not illegal from someone that does not have a license to ride the motorcycle. If the person without a license was driving the motorcycle then it would be illegal.

Is there a height requirement for a passenger on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania?


Are you responsible for a passenger on a motorcycle when I am not allowed to have passengers?


Does there have to be a backrest when you have a young passenger on a motorcycle?

Its not a necessity by it is advised.

What is a second rider on a motorcycle called?

A passenger. or a pillion.

Who pays the medical bills in an accident on a motorcycle for the passenger?

== == If no other vehicles were involved in this accident, the insurance company of the motorcycle driver has to cover the medical bills of the passenger who was injured.

How old must a passenger be to ride a motorcycle in Pennsylvania?

There are no passenger age restrictions in Pennsylvania currently.

What do you call a passenger on a motorcycle?

No it is not. A vehicle is usually a 4 wheeled vehicle. Motorcycle is in its "own" category

How old do you have to be to ride on back of motorcycle in ny?

There is no age legal restriction for passengers on motorcycles in New York State.Currently, only two states have an age restriction for motorcycle passengers. NYS crash statistics have shown that the number of child passengers in motorcycle crashes is not significant.While there is no age restriction for passengers on a motorcycle in New York State, there are requirements for motorcycle passengers. Under Section 1251 of NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, to carry a passenger:The motorcycle must be designed to carry more than one person and the passenger must ride on a permanent seat.The passenger must face forward, with one leg on each side of the seat.The passenger cannot interfere with the operation of the motorcycle or the view of the motorcycle driver.The passenger must wear a motorcycle helmet approved by the US Department of Transportation.Let common sense determine if a child is old enough and big enough to safely ride a motorcycle. Also consider the additional risks faced by motorcycle passengers compared with passengers in a car protected with seat belts or child safety seats. If a child is not large enough to properly wear an approved helmet, then the child cannot legally ride on the motorcycle. If the child cannot place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycles, then it is not safe for the child to ride the motorcycle.

Can a 5 year old be a passenger on a motorcycle?

NO huge risk

What is the age limit to be a passenger on a motorcycle in south Florida?