Is a dragster a car

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes it is.

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Q: Is a dragster a car
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What is the definition of the word 'Dragster?

The definition of the word "dragster" is a car that is built for, or modified for drag racing. The person who drives such a car can also be called a "dragster".

What will slow a dragster car down?

A parachute.

What car did Richard hammond crash?

Vampire Jet Car vampire dragster jet f1 car

What are CO2 dragster constraints?

CO2 dragster constraints typically include a maximum weight limit, size restrictions, and requirements for using a specific CO2 cartridge size. Additionally, certain competitions may have rules about the shape of the car or materials that can be used to ensure fairness and safety.

What is a cool race car?

Google/YouTube "Top Fuel Dragster"

Joe is trying to soup up his dragster He knows that the time needed for the car to go from 0 to 100 miles per hour varies inversely with the car's horsepower At 200 horsepower the car can go from 0?

200 horsepower is a bit weak for a dragster. Also, this question makes no sense. 200 horsepower is a bit weak for a dragster. Also, this question makes no sense.

Who is kyle carvin?

4194- car number Kyle Carvin -driver Dragster-car model 160-points

Who created the Pitsco car?

Harvey Dean created the Pitsco car or the Co2 Dragster as some may prefer to call it.

How can you drive a dragster?

EASY, it's just like driving a car but racing and going fast.

Where is the eye hook on a dragster?

The eye hook on a dragster is typically located on the front bumper or chassis, where it is easily accessible for towing or recovery purposes. It is an important safety feature to ensure that the vehicle can be moved quickly and safely in case of emergencies on the track.

How do you make a model of a dragster?

get clay and shape it to a dragster

What are some dragster categories?

not sure what you mean there but i am guessing you are talking about drag racing? If so there is Dragster; Junior Dragster; Modified Dragster; and Top Alcohol DragsterHope this helps :)