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El Toro.

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Q: What is Fernando Valenzuela's nickname?
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How did San Fernando earned nickname mission of valley?

does not have a nickname, but it was firstly named San Fernando Ray de Espana. :)

What nickname of Fernando Torres el nino mean?

"The Kid"

EI Nino is nickname of which football player?

Fernando Torres is known as "El Nino"

What nickname meaning 'The Kid' is associated with the footballer Fernando Torres and golfer Sergio Garcia?

el nino

What is Fernando Torres nickname?

el ninoSweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <<

What has the author Fernando Bedoya written?

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What is the birth name of Fernando Llosa?

Fernando Colunga's birth name is Fernando Colunga Olivares.

Where is san fernando located?

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What has the author Fernando Casasempere written?

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What us an effect of La Nina?

El Nino means 'the child' in spanish and the affects are people like football p.s el nino is Fernando Torres' nickname Pp.s Torres sucks and he is a traitor

What is the birth name of Fernando Corena?

Fernando Corena's birth name is Fernando Korena.

What is the birth name of Fernando Marks?

Fernando Marks's birth name is Fernando Amours.