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I actually like the Nissan GT-R yes its all wheel but that helps out a lot!!! its also the fastest car I've ever raced. beats any car on the game! over 1000hp. i got over 200000 drift points on a single track!!!!!

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there is no best car

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Q: What is the best drift car on forza 3?
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What is the best drag car in forza 3?

the dautson 510... cuz it crushes any car of the light

How do you upload image on your car in forza 3. how do i upload image from my computer and put them on my forza car?

first check if you have the right computer

What is The slowest car in forza motorsport 3?

Nissan datsun

How do you design cars on forza motorsport 3?

go to edit car

Are there nitros in Forza 3?

There are no nitros in Forza 3.

How can you get more drift angle in forza 3?

try making the psi on front tyres lower and rear higher, or change differential to put more torque in the rear of the car. x J a c k o v1

How do you get shifting animations in Forza 3?

All you have to do is press left on the D-pad during a race, and the drift option will come on. When ever you perform a drift, the 'animations' for your points will show. I hope that answers your question.

What are the cars in the forza 3 car pack cars?

purple is my favorite number in alphabet

Can you transfer forza 2 cars to forza 3?


What is the name of the best driver of the forza 3?

me kyron caunt . i lapped a veyron with a saxo!

What is the game where you upgrade your car?

Mostly all of the need for speeds and forza motorsports 1 2 and 3

Is forza 3 coming out on PS3?

No. Forza 3 is an Xbox 360 Exclusive, and rather than Forza 3 on the PS3 there is Gran Turismo series. the chance Forza will come out to the PS3 is very very VERY Slim.