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I've heard two deffrent story's told.One is it's a brotherhood thing between to biker's and they ware it on there left boot.and the secount one is they have a 100 thousand mile spur and its engraved on it,That say's 100 thousand mile's.I'm a Real bike and i ware my spur on my left boot for many years.for brotherhood.And i still to this day Ride my old Pandhead on a Rigid frame with kickstart on it.

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The other one fell off.

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Q: What is the meaning of wearing one spur to a biker?
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The myth supposedly began back in the days of the American Calvary. When a soldier would die, after his burial his comrades would take his boots and face them backwards in the stirrups of the saddle on his horse. They would then ride away wearing only one spur out of respect for the fallen soldier. The motorcycling community has adopted this same symbol of honor. When you see a biker wearing one spur they are honoring brothers and sisters who have died chasing the wind.

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