What is the plural of motorist?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is the plural of motorist?
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What is the possessive form of motorist?

The possessive form for the noun motorist is motorist's.

Where does the apostrophe come in motorists?

The apostrophe in "motorist's" comes before the "s" to indicate possession or belonging, such as "the motorist's car." If you are referring to more than one motorist, it would be "motorists" without an apostrophe.

Who is a motorist?

A motorist is the driver of an automobile.

What is an antonym for motorist?

There are no antonyms for the word 'motorist'.

When was The Automatic Motorist created?

The Automatic Motorist was created in 1911.

What is a sentence using the word motorist's?

the motorist fell off his motorbike

What is the duration of The Automatic Motorist?

The duration of The Automatic Motorist is 600.0 seconds.

How can you recover from an uninsured motorist?

If you have uninsured motorist coverage let your insurance company settle with you then recover from the motorist in court. If you don't you will have to take the motorist to court yourself. Your insurance company is far better equipped for this than you are.

In the movie Clue who killed the motorist?

Colonel Mustard killed the motorist in the movie Clue

Who is considered an uninsured motorist?

Anyone without valid auto insurance that is driving is an uninsured motorist.

In a collision an uninsured motorist was at fault who pays for the damage insurance or uninsured motorist?

The insurance will pay for your damage if you have insurance from underinsured motorists. Otherwise, the motorist will pay for it who doesn't have insurance if they have any money.

If one motorist shows another motorist a gun is this a crime?

There is no reason one motorist would show another motorist a gun unless they were intending to intimidate or inspire fear, probably in the midst of a "road rage" type incident. Using a firearm in this manner is a crime, usually known as "brandishing a firearm."