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Q: What logo has the red capital e and blue oval?
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What is the conservatives parties logo?

It is a blue capital "C" with a red maple leaf in the centre.

What brand logo has a red oval?


Who has a logo that is oval and red with a heart at the top The oval is open and the heart is just to the right of the opening?


What logo is a blue s and a red line underneath?

The Tesco logo is one logo with a blue S and a red line underneath.

What colors are there on tesco's logo?

Red and blue

What is the logo with the yellow and red k?

Flickr's logo has a blue k and red r in it.

What logo is red capital k?


What brand has a capital letter Red A as its logo?


What is the NFL's logo?

a capital n-f-l. the letters in red print. bordered with a blue shield. which has eight stars and a football in the center

What logo is a red and blue ball?


What logo has a blue d with red in the center?


What brand has a blue and red A on his logo?

american airlines