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Q: A person who races?
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What is a person who races called?

A racer or a jockey.

What is a person called if they are three races?

Well I would assume that since people of two races are called BIracial, then people of three races are called TRIracial.

What do you call a person who rides horse?

The equestrian

Who calls swim races?

The person is called a Marshal.

What is pod racer?

A person that races in a pod race

What do you call a person who rides in races?

A jockey - or driver.

What is the meaning of Interracial?

Interracial is an adjective that means "between the races" and involves people of different races or heritage. It is simply different races together. When used to describe a person, it means that a person is composed of different races such as Black, Asian, White, Mexican, Indian, and more. When used to describe a couple, it means a couple comprised of people from two different races.

What is the name for a person who rides horses in races as a profesional?

A Jockey

What do you call the person who rides horses in races?


What is the name of a person who trains and races pigeons?

A pigeon tamer

Who was the first person to be races They should be hated and if they were alive PUT TO DEATH!!!!! BEING RACES IS WRONG! We are ALL EQUALE no matter what we look like?

hey i made that post/question i didn't mean the ? at the end it was supposed to be after "Who was the first person to be races" sorry again

In Spanish colonial Society what determined a person social rank?

The races of each of the person's parents