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Being short people love to tease so the similes I use is: Good things come in small packages.

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We can grow our height by drinking lot of Milk.

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Q: A sentence with height in it?
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What is a good way to use height in a sentence?

The height of...What is the height of...What is your height?My height is...

How can the word height be used in a sentence?

my height is 6.34.

Use height in a sentence?

you need to be above or on the height they have set for you to go on a ride

How would you use the word height in a sentence?

"His height was a factor in his ability to dunk a basketball."

Is Finding that perfect tree with just the right height and width a complete sentence?

"Finding that perfect tree with just the right height and width" is not a complete sentence.

What could a sentence be for the word characteristic?

His biggest characteristic is his height.

Can you write a sentence with freight and height in it?

The height of the bridge was to low for the freight on the truck to pass under. When rail transportation was at its height, it handled more freight than trucks did.

How do you use wave height in a sentence?

The wave height at the beach measured six feet this morning, making it ideal for experienced surfers.

Should their be a height restriction on fair ground rides all what do you think?

There is a grammar mistake in the beginning of the sentence. Wrong 'possessive' use of their. The remainder of sentence is awkward. I suggest the sentence be written... "Do you think there should be a height restriction on all fair ground rides?"

How do you use 'height' in a sentence?

Basketball hoops are officially set to a certain height. Your driver's license will include such information as your height and weight. The cliff's dizzying height gave it a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

What is the simple subject of the sentence check the height of the net for me please?

This sentence is a command/request and doesn't have a subject. The subject - you - is implied

Can you give me a sentence with the word point of honour?

On a point of honour he showed her the height of respect.