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International Cricket 2010

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โˆ™ 2012-05-25 08:12:26
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Q: Any cricket games on ps3
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When will icc cricket world cup 2011 game ps3 come out?

I only see it available for the iPhone from back on November 2010 and do not see any cricket world cup ps3 games There are Ashes Cricket 2009 and International Cricket 2010 (EUR release only both games) for the PS3

Can you play Chinese PS3 games on a PS3 in south Africa?

Yes you can, you can play any PS3 Games from any region on any PS3 Console :)

Why won't my ps3 play any games?

if your ps3 does not play any games that means your ps3 scaner is borcon

Is there any zombie games for the PS3?

There are games that have zombies as characters for PS3

Can you play ps3 online with cricket broadband?

No cricket can not be your internet provider for the PS3

Are there any phantasy star games for the PS3?

There are a number of games for the PS2 and PSP, but could not identify any PS3 games

How can you get your crosswave from cricket to work on your PS3?

you can not. Cricket can not be used to provide internet connection on the PS3

Are there any cricket management games?

International Cricket Captain and Cricket Coach

Is halo reach for PS3 are any halo games for PS3?

No, there are no halos for the ps3

Can you play any PS3 game on a 40 gb PS3?

Yes all PS3 can play any PS3 games if the have current updates which includes the latest 3D games

Can you play PS3 slim video games on the old PS3?

There are no PS3 slim video games only PS3 and PS3 Move video games. All PS3 models can play any PS3 games with updates and optional Move Bundles

When is the new cricket game in ps3 coming?

There is a UK version of International Cricket 2010 for the PS3

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