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The bird that is featured in "Arabian nights" is a Roc. A Roc is a sacred bird of Egypt. It looks like a very large crow.

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What is the Arabian night bird

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Q: Arabian nights bird
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Which bird is the national bird of Oman?

Saudi Arabia does not have a national bird. However, Saudi Arabia has four national animals: the Arabian horse, Arabian wolf, Arabian camel and Arabian red fox.

What is the meaning of rock?

A monstrous bird of Arabian mythology.

What is the name for a large Arabian legendary bird?


What bird is the official symbol of United Arab Emirates?

The Arabian Falcon

What is the definition for the muslim dome of rock?

A monstrous bird of Arabian mythology.

What is the name of the bird in 1001 Nights?

The Roc, appears in the fourth voyage of Sinbad.

Where did Alex Jones get her bird blouse from last nights show?

River Island

What type of bird could lift elephants in the Arabian nights?

The mythical bird that fed upon elephants and had the strength to lift them was called a roc.It was of a very large size,obviously,and was white.The bird is featured in the voyages of sinbad and also in the story of the three ladies of bagdad,the porter and the three calender princes.The third calender prince was disguised as a sheep and carried to the top of a mountain by the roc.

What does the now mean?

A legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix

Where do hudhud birds live?

The hudhud, or hoopoe, lives across Europe, Asia, and Africa. The bird does not live in the Sahara, Gobi, or Arabian deserts.

What is the national mascot of Libya?

The national bird of Libya is the Arabian Eagle.

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