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Q: Are Sweden and Finland connected by tunnels?
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What are all the neighboring countries of Sweden?

The neighboring countries to Sweden are Norway and Finland by land, and the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany and Denmark by water.

What two countries are the closest to Sweden?

Finland and Norway are both connected to Sweden on the east resp. west side.

What Three countries border Norway?

Norway shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia

Which countries are included on the Scandinavian Peninsula?

Norway and Sweden, and the northern part of Finland.

What country is between Norway and Finland?

Sweden lies between Norway and Finland.

How is Finland like Sweden?

Finland has absolutely nothing in common with Sweden.

What four countries extend north of the arctic circle?

Sweden, Norway, Finland, and RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

What european country reaches above the arctic circle?

Norway,Sweden,Finland,and RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

The Gulf of Bothnia separates what two countries?

Sweden and Finland are separated by the gulf in southern part of the country, but they still connect and touch in the nothern part of the country.

Which countries are Norway's neighbors?

Sweden, Finland, Russia.

This country is east of Norway and west of Finland?

At the far north Finland is attached to Sweden and Norway. Other than that the Baltic sea seperates Sweden from Finland

What bodies of water border Finland's nation?

There are several small bodies of water between Sweden and Russia. They are all connected, but have different names. The Gulf of Bothnia separates Sweden and Finland- it is located to the east of Sweden. To get to Russia from there, you must travel through the Gulf of Finland- you will land in St. Petersburg. Both of these gulfs are smaller bodies of water contained in the Baltic Sea.