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i think that the series is over but i think that they are going to make the final act in English hopefully with the same actors from the first series

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Q: Are they going to make more episode for the final act or make a new series?
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What website does Inrush episode 168 English dubbed on?

There isn't going to be a Inuyasha episode 168. Instead they are going to make a new series of Inuyasha called Inuyasha Final Act.

Will they make a Shugo Chara party 26?

Its very unlikly seeing as they ended the series... Luckliy Ikuto came back for the final episode! :)

Is Rumiko Takashi going to make a sequel to InuYasha?

In all likelihood, no. The Inuyasha manga series took quite a bit longer to wrap-up than Takahashi and her partner licensing companies thought, which is why the televised anime cut off after episode 167, before the series actually finished. Instead, the series concluded in a special 13-episode run of Inuyasha: The Final Act.In addition, Takahashi has already long been at work on her newest title, Rin-Ne.

Where can you watch naruto Shippuden last episode? does not yet have the movie uploaded, although it's possible someone will upload it if we are patient enough

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No, there will not be an episode 41 of Sonic Underground.However, the series is going to get an epilogue in the comic book Sonic Universe, #50. It's estimated release date is in March 2013.

Are they going to make a TV series of the Pretty Little Liars series?

no, im pretty sure that they are going to make movies out of them in a few yrs.yes they did make a series its on tv right now tuesdays at 7 on abcfamily

How many series are they going to make of supernatural?

The number of seasons or series they are going to make of the show Supernatural is not yet known. The series was renewed for its ninth season which will premiere in October of 2013.

Will they ever make new episodes of inuyasha?

Following the original 167-episode run of the animated TV series and the four movies, a final season of 26 episodes called Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen (Inuyasha: The Final Act in English) covers the events of the last several volumes of the Inuyasha manga.The 26th episode of The Final Act debuted on March 29, 2010 and can be watched for free at the Shonen Sunday anime website.

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In the books its the second one but the guy doing the tv series says he is going to hold it off a bit in the series because he dosent want to make it to much like twilight, so hopefully season 3 :) season 3 between episode 11 and episode 16 :)

When are they going to make more generator Rex episode?

never it was cancelled

Is Dan Schneider going to make a iomg part two?

Yes. After the iPartywithVictorious episode there will be an episode that continues iOMG.

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it was hinted that he was going to, but the series ended before they could make the episode. In an episode of Static, Batman told Static that Robin was "with the Titans" to which Static wanted to meet. In the comics, Static is part of the younger Teen Titans active members.