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Press Trust of India (PTI)

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Q: Biggest news agency of India
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What is a biggest news agency of india?

times now

Which was the first news agency in India?

free press of india

What was the first national news agency of India was?

The Associated Press of India

Which is the oldest news agency in India?

PTI-Press Trust of India

What is the biggest radio news station in India?

The biggest radio news station in India is the All India Radio (AIR) channel. It is a government sponsored news broadcaster and currently serves the largest regions in India.

What do dc mean?

dc means deccan chronical news paper agency in India.

What is the biggest news channel in India?

There are a number of big news channels in India, as India itself has an enormous population of people to inform, however the ibc is the largest in central India.

What is PTI in Hindu newspaper?

Press Trust of India. It is a news agency and Hindu is a subscriber of it

Is Anand Bazar Patrika taking over the leading news agency United News of India?

How does one see the date when the question was asked ?

-Tass news agency?

Itar - Tass News Agency

What is the motto of Islamic Republic News Agency?

The motto of Islamic Republic News Agency is 'A news agency for all Iranian'.

Which is the main news agency of Iran?

It's called IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency). Besides this, there are also smaller news agencies such as Mehr, Fars, Kayhan, ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency), PANA (Pupils Association News Agency), IANA (Iranian Agriculture News Agency), CHN (Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency), the Mashregh News and the Tehran Bureau.

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