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It really just depends on the qualifying criteria of the Insurer who would issue the bond, but in most cases for an active parolee, the answer will be No.

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Q: Can a California state parolee be bonded?
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Will California expedite a Parolee from Georgia?


How do you find out if a parolee in California has discharged his parole?

kimberly annette williford

Do a parolee have any rights against their parole officer?

Certainly, but your rights as a parolee are limited, as you are still techincally a prisoner of the state.

Is it a crime for a ny state parolee to consort with a known felon?

It is a violation of parole stipulations for a parolee to consort with known or not commonly known felons in every state. It is not a violation of law, so is not a crime. It would still result in a technical rules violation that would likely get the parolee returned to prison.

Can a person earn an income legally as a handyman in the state of California?

Most States require you have a business license and be Bonded (Insured) Call California Office of Commerce for details and requirements.

When a charge made against a parolee and the charge is proven against the parolee and the parolee cannot disprove the charge can the charge still stand against the parolee?

Yes, Of course.

Are parolee allow to leave the state of Texas?

I believe so with permission from their parole officer.

How do you get bonded in the state of South Carolina?

to get bonded to post bail for people in sc

Does a parolee have to pay a parole officer?

No, the parolee does not pay the parole officer, but the parolee does pay parole fees to the parole office.

How long do they have to determine if they are going to violate a parole?

In all states a parolee who violates parole must be reviewed within a certain amount of time. This time varies state to state from 30 to as much as 120 days. It would depend on the state in which the parole is granted and the parolee resides.

Do moving companies have to be bonded?

if they are going out of state

Can a parole officer regulate the parolee children?

A PO may not directly "regulate" a parolee's children, but the PO may "regulate" the contact the parolee has with his children.

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