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A child can leave home WITH parents' consent at 16, or without it if they are leaving an abusive or neglectful situation. A child can leave home without parental consent at 17. This is the current legislation in the UK.

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So, if u are being constantly yelled at verbally abuse. Yu May leave ??
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if you dont run away without your parents consent then no but if you have a job and could support yourself and can drive then you could.

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no, you have to be 18 legally to leave home home or be forced out of your own home

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It can depend on what state you reside in. State statutes vay on this question - the ages - and the circumstances.

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Q: Can a child legally leave home at 16 in UK?
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How can a 16 year old in Missouri legally leave home?

They can get their parents' permission to leave home. Or be removed by child protective serves.

What is the law to leave 16 year old over night?

At 16 a child can legally leave home (in the UK) therefore a 16 year old can be left for as long as possible, this obviously may differ in other countries, but i am sure its not much different.

Can a 16 year old leave home?

Legally, no. You can't legally move out until you are 18 years old.

Can you leave home legally at age 16 in South Africa?

no you can not. only at the age of 18.

Is it against the law to leave your 16 year old child home?


Can 16 year old leave home without permission?

Not legally. They have to have parental permission or be emancipated.

What is the legal age for emancipation in Florida?

16 although you may legally leave your home at 14

How long can you leave a child under 13 home alone?

you cant not for any amount of time... i believe the age at which you can leave a child home alone is 16 ...

I'm 16 and pregnant can you legally leave home Iowa?

not leagaly if you wanted to i tell you now dont

Im the state of mo.Can a child leave home in moat age 16?

No you can not.

Can you move out legally if you are 16 years old?

If your parents consent, you can move out. Otherwise you must be emancipated or reach the age of majority to legally leave home.

Is there a legal age in ma when a child can be home alone?

I think 16 is the age you can leave your child home alone depending on how long you are gone for if it is a few days then 16 or 18 for definite.