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Q: Can you buy a movie from Redbox after you rented it?
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When is marmaduke the movie going to cinema?

it's in redbox now. i rented it twice from there

Would it keep charging you if you turned in a Redbox movie but it really wasn't that movie?

If you return a non-Redbox DVD, I believe the machine would eject it back out. And then of course, you would continue to get billed for the one you rented.

If you rented your Redbox DVD at Walmart could you return your DVD at a Redbox at Walgreens?

Absolutely yes! You can rent and return any where with RedBox!

When will mega mind the movie be on Redbox?

Will MegaMind be on redbox?

Does Red Box have the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Yes, RedBox has the movie Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Available to rent or buy.

Where do i find the movie tangle 2 at the Redbox?

You can search films on the redbox website.

Where can you watch ramona and beezus?

Redbox or you can buy it.You could see if it is on Netflix or if your public library bought the movie.

Is Justin biebers movie on Redbox?

His movie "Never Say Never 3D" will be released on May 13th. It'll be available in Redbox then.

What are promo codes for red box?

Free Redbox codes are promotional codes that when used during checkout at a Redbox kiosk will get you a free one-night movie or game rental. To use the free Redbox codes, find a Redbox near you and use the codes or sources below to get your free movie. Visit the Redbox kiosk and enter the promo code during checkout.

Where can you get Hop DVD movie?

Netflix or Redbox! :D

How long can you keep a Redbox DVD?

Depending on what type of item you rented from Redbox, the normal charge is $1.00 - $1.50 per day. This price varies based on whether you rent a DVD, a game or a Blueray. After you rent a movie, it is due back by 9:00 p.m. the following day. If you fail to return your item, Redbox will continue to charge your credit card the daily fee until you return the movie or for a maximum of 20 days. If you never returned an item, you would just be charged the maximum fee which is around $24 or $25.

Is Redbox codes real?

You can get a free Redbox movie code at sites like if that's what you're talking about.