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importance of careful planning and spacing of births

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Family planning means no unexpected surprises.

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Q: Can you give me slogans of family planning and birth spacing?
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How can rapid population growth be controlled?

Family Planning, Population Education, Responsible Parenthood, Birth Spacing, Limit Family Size,

What are the objective of the family planning?

The main objectives of family planning is to help couples decide when they want to have children and how many. Birth spacing and family size are achieved through this and can include using family planning services that help with patient education and counseling.

Should birth control and family planning be pursued as a solution to global environmental problems caused by overpopulation?

Access to options for birth control and family planning may be a solution to overpopulation. Free choice of family planning methods and family size are an important component of any family planning program.

What is the withdrawal family planning?

Natural birth control

What are the purposes of family?

The purpose of family planning is to stop unplanned pregnancy. This planning of when to have children is achieved through the use of Birth Control.

What has the author Sitamraju Balakrishna written?

Sitamraju Balakrishna has written: 'Family planning' -- subject(s): Birth control 'Family planning: knowledge, attitude, and practice' -- subject(s): Birth control

What has the author John A Ross written?

John A. Ross has written: 'Management strategies for family planning programs' -- subject(s): Birth control, Contraceptives 'Family planning pilot projects in Africa' -- subject(s): Birth control clinics, Maternal health services 'Profiles for family planning and reproductive health programs' -- subject(s): Birth control, Contraception, Human Fertility, Reproductive health, Statistics 'Effort indices for national family planning programs, 1999 cycle' -- subject(s): Birth control, Cross-cultural studies, Evaluation, Family Planning, Program Evaluation, Statistics

Society and culture with family planning?

Does your culture accept family planning? If so, how do you plan families? Some religions do not accept certain forms of birth control. Some cultures favor certain types of family planning; for example in the United States the most popular form of birth control is the Pill.

Is Barack Obama against birth control?

No, he is not against it. President Obama is in favor of birth control and family planning.

How does the availability of family planning influence the number of children?

Family planning allows a couple to plan the number of children, the time between births, and offers birth control options.

Is taking birth control bad?

Planning pregnancies and spacing pregnancies is a good health measure. Different couples have different medical, social, and spiritual factors that impact decision making about appropriate methods of family planning. Always read the patient insert before taking any medication and ask the doctor who prescribes it to describe to you the possible harmful side effects.

What are the importance of birth control in Nigeria?

Birth control in Nigeria is important for promoting family planning, reducing maternal mortality, and improving overall health outcomes. Access to contraceptives helps women and couples make informed choices about the number and spacing of their children, leading to better economic opportunities and improved quality of life. Additionally, family planning can contribute to sustainable development by reducing population growth and pressure on resources.