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Maybe you could ask the loacal primary school, if they would like it for their young students to study.

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Q: Can you move the nest after the robins have left?
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What is the color of an English robins nest?

the colour of a robins nest is red

What has the author Joanne Robins Barton written?

Joanne Robins Barton has written: 'Out of the Robins nest'

When do robins build their nest and hatch?

Robins don't give birth they hatch eggs.

Can parakeets get a disease from a robins nest?


What do American robins live in?

in nest in trees.

Do baby robins defecate in their nest?


What trees do robins live in?

Robins typically build nests in trees, particularly deciduous trees like oak, maple, or elm. They prefer trees with dense foliage that provide good shelter and protection for their nests. Robins are skilled nest builders and often construct cup-shaped nests using twigs, grass, and mud, secured in the forked branches of trees.

Do robins move their babies out of the nest?

Baby Robins normally remain in or near the nest on surrounding branches until they are able to fly. If you have an empty nest, we fear mayhem.

Do robins have more than one brood a year in the same nest?

In some areas, like in the south, robins are double brooded, but build a new nest for the second brood.

What shape is a robins nest?

A robin's nest is made out of mud with various twigs in it.

Where in a tree do robins nest?

European robins nest in all sorts of places, often thick hedges. They also use old discarded kettles, sheds and letter boxes. As far as I can tell from my reading, American robins are similar.

Is a robin building a nest a learned behavior?

Yes, building a nest is a learned behavior for robins. While they have innate instincts related to nest-building, they also learn the specific skills and techniques from observing other robins or through trial and error.