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Yes. There are many companies that have villas for rent in France. The only limitation is where you wish to stay. There are villas for rent from Northern France in Normandy to the South of France at the Rivera.

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Q: Can you rent villas in France?
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Tuscany villas for rent can be found on Rent My Villa, Invitations to Tuscany, Tuscany Villas, Your Tuscany, Emma's Villas, Luxury Retreat and Cottages to Castles.

How can one rent villas in Sardinia?

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Where is the best place to find holiday villas in France?

The best place to find holiday villas in France is to find websites that rent out these villas. Make sure to compare prices, contact the owners and make sure to see pictures of the villa one is staying at

What parts of the world are the most common places to find villas for rent?

Villas are a desirable rental for vacationers, especially in scenic locations. Villas along the sea coast are in high demand and are available in many European countries. Some popular locations that rent gorgeous villas are along the south of France, in Greece and in Italy.

Is it cheaper to rent a villa in france for a month or stay at a hotel?

There are many sites that offer villas and hotels in France. With the infomation found it seems that it is cheaper to rent a villa in France for a month than staying at a hotel.

Which websites offer deals on rent for villas in Portugal?

There are several websites which offer deals on rent for villas in Portugal. These include Villas Plus, Solmar Villas, Owners Direct and Holiday Homes Direct.

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There are many websites and companies from which one could rent luxury villas in Spain. A website, known as HomeAway, allows people on vacation to rent luxury villas in Spain for bargain prices.

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One can rent Ibiza villas online from a number of different sites. Examples of such sites include Holiday Lettings, Owners Direct, Ibiza Summer Villas and Villa Renters.

Are there any villas to rent in Orlando?

"Yes there are villas to rent in Orlando, but may have to check online. Just do a quick search on the internet you will eventually find the perfect villa for you."

Which services offer villas to rent?

There are many different services that offer villas to rent depending on where one is interested in renting. There are European companies, British companies, and companies specializing in many other locations. Some of the rental services include: Dream Villa Rentals, RentVillas, Villas of the World, Villa Renters, Villas To Go, and Villas Caribe.

What is special about the Thomson villas?

The Thomson Villas are holiday villas with swimming pools available for rent. They are considered to be higher end accommodation for long and short term rentals.

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