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This article on my own site should help: Copy the link into your browser and the pdf should open.

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Q: DMA hard drive setup audio audio stutter audio performance tips XP?
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How do you do a clean install for Windows XP?

First, back up all your data on to an external hard drive or DVDs, or transfer it to another computer with a flash drive or over the internet. Make sure that everything you want is off the hard drive, then restart your computer. Before the Windows XP screen comes up, it will probably say, "Press delete to enter setup". Press delete when this comes up, and reconfigure your boot devices so that your CD drive is #1. Then, exit and save changes, and put your Windows XP CD into your CD drive, and it will come up, saying, "Press any key to continue". Press a key, and your installation will begin. When the setup begins, it will ask you to format your hard drive. If you know that your disc is fine, do the quick format (using NTFS). This is if you know your hard drive doesn't have any errors. However, if it is a new drive, do the normal format (NTFS). This might take a while, depending on how big your hard drive is. After its done formatting, it will guide you through the XP Setup. Once you are done that, your hard drive will be perfectly clean and XP will be installed.

How do you remove a foreign language voice over from an English movie?

This may be done through the settings on the main screen of the DVD you are watching. Under the setup options, you should see audio choices. If it's playing in a foreign language, you can switch it back to English.

How do you setup and sync guitar hero drums to ps3?

you cant

When was Reserve bank of India set up?

It was setup in 1935.

How do you reset secret number sharp aquos LC-C5255U?

Go to the EZ-Setup section of the main Setup Menu and select Parental Control or Reset from Ch Setup. Use the Ch Up and Vol Up buttons on the keyboard for the TV until the code displays on the screen, and choose the new secret number to use.

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Can't hear audio playback from Studio One?

Check Audio Setup under Options. Page 17 in the user manual has the details on how to set up your audio interface.

Why your car DVD player only plays audio?

audio and Video is the basic function of the car dvd player,Check the car dvd player setup options

What possible locations can be used to store setup files?

You can store setup files on a Hard Drive, Flash Drive, CD, DVD, or you can create a folder in c:\windows\temp

What is the most popular raid setup?

Depends on if you want performance or redundancy. For performance, RAID 0 is more popular. In this setup, data is split and written across the two or more drives that are involved in the setup. It offers the highest performance levels, since data can be read from and written to multiple drives at the same time. It also allows one to integrate multiple physical hard drives into a single drive for storage simplification purposes. However, it's nearly impossible to recover data if one drive crashes for some reason. For redundancy, RAID 1 is more popular. In this setup, data which is written to one drive is cloned to another drive(s) on the fly, basically giving a one-to-one copy of a drive at any given time. It's important to note that this is not the same as a standard backup -- if you delete data on one drive, it will be gone on the other drive as well. As a result, read performance will be increased (data can be read from two drives at the same time), but write performance will take a slight hit, since the same data has to be written to both drives as well. The advantage is that, if one drive fails, the other drive can immediately replace it, since it basically has all of the data contained on the failed drive. The disadvantage is that the effective storage capacity of a drive system is limited to the smallest drive in the system (if you have 2 1TB disks involved, total storage is only 1TB). There are others (RAID 0+1, RAID 3,4,5, etc), but most require more specialized hardware. I'll leave implementation up to you, although you might want to place all drives on its own controller for optimum performance (this isn't an issue with SATA and maybe Fibre Channel, but can sometimes with IDE and maybe SCSI interfaces)

What is normally provided in the BIOS setup?

hard drive type

What is the best audio option on blu-ray setup for movies?

DD 5.1 is the one for movies made to that standard.

How to transfer audio video internet file to PC file and run without internet connection?

All you have to do is copy all of the files needed (the video player setup if necessary, the video, and all the plugins required to play the video) to a USB drive or storage utility. Then take the memory drive, plug it into your offline PC and copy the files from the drive to your desired location.

Mobitechplus mw1350 2.0 1.3 drive?

driver setup 536870325

How do you split Audio?

I have a computer setup with 2x 100w speakers and a 200w amplifier, i also have a bluetooth wireless D100 speaker, i am enquiring if there is any way to be able to essentially 'split' the audio so that it splits between the bigger setup and the smaller wireless speaker, wishing to do it wireless with the bluetooth, not through a jack splitter cable.

How would one setup a car audio DVD?

The best way to set up a car audio DVD is have a professional technician install it for you. If you want to install it yourself, you can find instructional videos online at YouTube.

How do you setup Logitech Z506 speakers on Dell all-in-one desktop?

You plug it into either the 3.5 mm or RCA audio out jack on the computer and use the Audio Control Panel to set the output to external speakers.

Is 22MB big?

it's hella bif if ur gonna email it. but if ur gonna put it on a flash drive, then no. 22mb is usually either a file, setup application, mini flash game or short video clip. if it was a 22mb document, picture or audio file, then YIKES!