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no he did not.

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Q: Did Albert save Virginia life in titanic crossing?
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How many clowns on the Titanic?

Nobody was specifically a clown on Titanic but Albert Stewart, who lost his life in the sinking, was a designer of posters for both concerts and circuses, so he probably had some carny life in him.

What lie would cost Albert his life in lily's crossing?

Lily lies and tells him that they will be able to paddle across the Atlantic but she knows that they actually won't be able to.

How many life preservers did the titanic carry?

Titanic had 48 life rings with beckets.

How many life boats did Titanic not use when Titanic was sinking?


What saved a man's life in Titanic?

A life belt.

Why weren't they enough life boats in the Titanic?

The Titanic was complying with the regulations of the time.

Were there 1100 life boats on the titanic?


How could the people in the Titanic responded better?

The Titanic could of had more life boats

How meny peoplo stay life in titanic?

There were 712 survivors of Titanic scattered in the lifeboats.

What has the author Albert Colby written?

Albert Colby has written: 'Incidents in the life of Albert Colby'

What actors and actresses appeared in The Kick in High Life - 1920?

The cast of The Kick in High Life - 1920 includes: Heinie Conklin Charlotte Dawn Hugh Fay Virginia Rappe Albert Ray Billie Ritchie

What was jack dawson on the Titanic?

If you mean in real life, he wasn't on the Titanic... Just a fictional character.