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Q: Did Fred the show get cancelled?
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Was the Jeff dunham show cancelled?

yes it was cancelled but i dont know why

Was fugitive chronicles cancelled?

the show has been cancelled.

Is it still possible to be on the show wipeout?

Yes, the show has not been cancelled. Until the show is cancelled, you will always have a chance to be a contestant on the show.

Has the show downsized been cancelled?

Yes the show has been cancelled. They will not be returning for a third season.

Did nat and alex wolf's show get cancelled?

Yes, they did get cancelled.

Is Dr Phil cancelled?

The TV show The Doctors has not been cancelled as of May 2014. The show still airs on CBS during the morning and afternoon hours.

Why was problem solvers the show cancelled?

it was cancelled because nobody wanted to make a toy line for the show; advenchaly,thay now cancelled problem solvers.<:<

Was your gym partner a monkey cancelled?

Yes this TV show was cancelled.

What shows on abc are cancelled?

I Survived A Japanese Game show Is Cancelled

Why did judge alex show get cancelled?

it did not get cancelled renewed until 2014

What is the amount of ratings a show needs to get cancelled?

A show doesn't need to get an amount of ratings for it to be cancelled, it's just the opposite. Shows get cancelled for the lack of ratings. The lower the number the quicker it'll be cancelled.

Is the show Dead Like Me cancelled?

Dead Like Me was cancelled after the second season.