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NO! Tate Stevens did, and he definitely deserved it. Can't wait to buy his first album.

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James Arthur received 53.7% of the final vote to make him the winner.

The total number of votes cast has not been revealed.

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Q: Did James Arthur win the x factor?
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Did James Arthur win X Factor?

NO! Tate Stevens did, and he definitely deserved it. Can't wait to buy his first album.

Who won X Factor 2013?

James Arthur

How old is James Arthur?

UK singer James A. Arthur (The X Factor) is 30 years old (birthdate March 2, 1988).

Who won in 2012 x factor?

James Arthur, assuming you are talking about the UK one

Who is the best singer in The X Factor 2012?

The winner of The X Factor UK 2012 is James Arthur.He was mentored by Nicole Scherzinger.James Arthur

Who was the x factor winner in 2002?

The first series of The X Factor was in 2004 so there was no winner in 2002.

Did James Arthur copy impossible from someone?

James Arthur's song "Impossible" was originally performed by Barbadian singer Shontelle. James Arthur recorded a cover version for his audition on The X Factor UK in 2012, but he did not copy the song from someone else as he had the necessary rights and permissions to cover the song.

Who is James Arthur?

James Andrew Arthur (born 2 March 1988) is an English singer and musician who won the 2012 X Factor. His debut single, "Impossible", was released after the final and debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart on 16 December 2012 in its first week of release. It went on to sell over a million copies.The single has since gone on to be the best-selling X Factor UK winners single.Since 2005, and prior to his participation in The X Factor, he was a vocalist and guitarist in a number of bands, and later as a solo artist, as well as forming The James Arthur Band and James Arthur Project.HE IS MY SECOND FAVORITE SINGER!!

How many times did they win X Factor?

Who is "they"? Either way - You can only win X Factor once.

How much do you win when you win the x factor?

On X-Factor, $500,000 au is the prize money given to the winner.

Can you win X factor?

Anyone can win X-Factor if they make it through try outs and the weekly competitions. Whether or not someone will win X-Factor depends on others in the competition and how well they sing.

Did Sarah Connor win The X Factor?

No, she is a judge on the German X Factor.