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France at the time had a provisional government and was in no position to make any honorary awards. She did assist Prince- later King Charles Vii at his coronation in Rheims- following the battle there- no the battle was in a field, not in the church-that was off limits even in the Dark Ages!- surely this was an honor- as a Noblewoman, she may have been Baroness ( lowest grade- like, say Lieutenant in the Army) of Rheims.. but we are not sure.

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Certainly, and one the very few females at arms! Queen Isabella was also a Female Knight and rode in the field with the Spanish Army on campaigns, but this is somewhat played down. Girl Knights were rare. Girl Pages, who may have worn armor- but did not carry weapons- were younger (usually say, of Girl-Scout age) and they were used for diplomatic couriers etc. To assault or murder an unarmed Girl Page was a capital crime and was fortunately, rare in the Dark ages.

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Q: Did Joan of Arc win any awards?
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