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yes once and then had a miscarriage and stopped

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Q: Did Michelle Duggar ever use birth control?
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Did Michelle duggar ever have a miscarriage?


Has Michelle Duggar ever worked?

Yes, Michelle duggar has worked. Mrs. Duggar has a real estate agent license, and used to help manage the used car lot and towing business.

Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar fighting?

No. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar rarely (and I mean rarely) ever fight. They do not ever raise their voices in their house and they have an extremely strong marriage, as proven by their 19 children.

Did Michelle Duggar ever live in Phoenix Arizona?

No. She's originally from Cincinnati, OH.

Did Michelle Duggar ever use birth control pills?

Yes, when she and Jim Bob got married. She used them again after Josh was born, but suffered a miscarriage, and she was made to believe the Pill caused the miscarriage, so she threw them away and let God decide how many children she would have.

Does Michelle duggar ever have a period?

Im sure at some point she does but not never often begin pregnant so often.

Is Michelle Duggar pregnant again?

No. Michelle Duggar is not pregnant again she gave birth to her 19th child on December 10th, 2009 - 3 months early.No. As of January 2011, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not pregnant again.she has to be. When has Jim bob ever stayed away long enough for her to get a breather. They probably did it in the nICU

Have any of the Duggar kids ever broken a bone?

Yes - one

Has Jessa Duggar ever kissed a guy?

Yes, her husband, Ben Seewald.

How long can you take birth control without causing problems?

birth control doesnt usually ever cause problems other than the depo provera shot causes weight gain

Can girl get period while she's on birth control?

it depends on what kind of birth control she's on if its the pill it should still come but should be shorter.. its best to ask you physician., or who ever prescribed it.

Has Michelle ever been arrested?