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Yes the sisters did sink on there first voiige

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The HMHS Britannic did, but not the RMS Olympic. After 24 years of service, she was retired and dismantled

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Q: Did the Titanic sister sink
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Did titanic sister or twin sink?


What day did Titanic sister sink?

There is two titanic sister ships Olympia and Britannia, the one to sink was the Britannia the day it sank was the 17th of the 3rd month 1912

What harbour did the Titanic sink?

Titanic did not sink in any harbour, she was lost in the ocean.

Is there any of Titanic sister that have not sink?

the Titanic apparently had a sister ship (the Olympic) that had a problem with it and they supposedly sent that one out but that's just idiotic i doubt they'd send out a broken ship and kill loads of people just to get a story

The titanic sister the gigantic sink?

The sister ship of the Titanic, Gigantic (also known as Britannic), sunk on November 26, 1916 in the Aegean Sea. It is still debated today whether she was hit by a torpedo or if she struck a land mine.

Did titanic float sink or neutral?


What can the Titanic do?


How many meters did the Titanic sink?

the Titanic sank about 1000 meters down.

Do large ships sink?

Titanic=Sink Titanic = large ship Now use the transitve property

What year did the titanic sink What caused it to sink?

Titanic sank in 1912. An iceberg caused it to sink in the Atlantic Ocean carrying 2,200 souls on board.

Who did the titanic sink?

There were 1,496 victims in the sea when Titanic sunk.

Is Titanic good?

no if you go on titanic 2 it probably will sink