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He does sakura and naruto

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Q: Do Sasuke like anybody
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Does Sasuke like anybody?

No, Sasuke does not 'like' anybody.

Does anybody else like sakura apart from sasuke and naruto?

yes rock lee

Does anybody think Sai is cute from Naruto Shippuden and why?

Ino does because she thinks he looks like Sasuke

Could Naruto beat Sasuke?

i think that naruto can beat anybody but sasuke is his tuffest challenge

Does Sasuke love Hinata?

Not likely. Sasuke is too motivated by revenge to be able to care about anybody at the present.

Does anybody like Ino?

Yes you see its a long story but sasuke liked her at first until he figured out how annoying she was then shikamaru liked her still!

Does Naruto kiss anybody at all?

Yeah, Sasuke and that's probably it for now

If Sasuke was a girl would he like Naruto?

I don't think Sasuke likes girls at all. You're right. the only way Sasuke would like a girl is if she was just like him. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE'S GAY! And yes, I belive it was just a rumor. no that was just a rumor lol. so dont sasuke like or fall in love with sakura well not realy but sakura likes sasuke for being who he is...hopfully she finds out the truth also sasuke does not like anybody because if he did his brother would kill that person, so he doesnt care about anyboy so that they dont get hurt/killed. so he doesnt like anybody for that matter, and besieds if he did like somebody then he cant kill his brother because hel feel sorry for them.

Did Sasuke fall in love with Hinata?

He hasn't shown romantic interest towards anybody

Does Orachimaro Like Sasuke?

He didnt like Sasuke. He wanted a strong vessel like sasuke so he can take over sasuke's body to become strong.

Does Sasuke ever like a girl?

no but there are girls who like sasuke!

Do Sasuke like Ino?

No. Sasuke Uchiha doesn't like anyone in Naruto.