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Q: Do french students go to school year round?
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Are there canteens in French schools?

In most, even nearly all French schools, you can have a lunch. It is not free, but rather cheap - about the price you would pay for a basic sandwich. If you prefer to commute regularly home to have lunch, this is usually possible but parents have to opt for that at the beginning of the school year.

Do the french go to school 5 days a week?

Not any that I know of If you go to un lycée, yes you do. Lessons on Saturday mornings in primary schools were stopped by the government last year, so we now have a four day school week.

In France when can students drop out of school?

the graduating pattern for French students is quite similar to that in UK or in US. Students have to obtain their baccalauréat at the end of senior high school to be allowed in universities. Then some diplomas can be obtained in a two-year course (DUT: diplôme universitaire de technologie, BTS: brevet de technicien supérieur, ), in three years (Licence), four years (maitrise - a diploma which is bound to disappear gradually), five years (master and associated diplomas), or doctorat.

Can an 18 year old live with out his or her parents and still continue to go to the same high school in Illinois?

Yes, but the high school has the right to kick you out if you are doing poorly, disrupting other students, or breaking the rules of the school.

Last year there were 120 seniors in limon high school this year there are 145 what is the percent of increase round to the nearest percent?

145 - 120 = 25 25/120 x 100 = 21% increase

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What percentage of students drop out of year round school?

As of 2001, over 3000 schools had year round schools. That's less then 4 percent.

Do french students receive textbooks from their school?

yes; students collect their books at the beginning of the year and give them back at the end. Another student will use them the following year.

How do you get the money for school year round?

how do you get money for school year round

Are french students permitted to smoke in school?

They cannot smoke in "collège" (school for 11-15 year old students). Before 2007 there were smoking zones in "Lycées"(school for 15-18 year old students) but since 2007, smoking has been banned completely.

Why is year-round school is a bad idea?

YRS is a bad idea cause it dont give this students a long break to be kids and grow up and have fun. And the school will need more money to pay the teachers. so SAY NO to year round school (YRS)

When is soccer usually played?

high school age students start playing school soccer in the fall... but when you play on a classic or select team they may play year round. the pro also may play/practice year round too!

What time of the year do you start school in France?

French students start school at 8:30 and ends at 4:00 or5:00 and even 6:00 depending on what year your in.

Can you give me a summary for year round school?

One of the pro's of year round school is you'll gain more knowledge by staying in school longer.One of the con's for year round school is there will be more drop out-rates.

How many weeks of holiday do french students have?

french students usually have about 7 weeks of holidays a year.

Last year Springfield Middle School had 1284 students This year it has 1048 students What is the percent decrease?

The school saw a decrease in students of 18.3801%

How many students begin law school every year?

about 8,000-15,000 students begin law school evey year

Is it better to have an all year round school year?