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In the survival area buck's grandfather's place is the only place that you can battle them and the people you have paired up with like Riley Cheryl ect that's the only place I'm afraid or you could restart your game ^^

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Q: Do you have to go to the battle ground in platinum to get a rematch with a gym leader?
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Pokemon platinum how do you get to battle in sunny shore?

gym leader

How do you get to the battle arcade leader in Pokemon platinum?

beat 50 trainers

How many people do you battle until the battle frontier leader on platinum?

You have to win 7 times in a row

Where do you find a trainer with sodowodo in platinum?

Battle Elite Four leader Bertha

How do you get to acuity lakefront on Pokemon platinum?

First you have to battle the snowpoint gym leader

When does the eighth gym leader come back in Pokemon platinum?

The eighth gym leader of Sinnoh, Volkner, returns to battle you again in Platinum after you beat the Elite Four. When you get to battle frontier, you and your rival have a double battle against Volkner and Flint, an Elite Four member.

Who is the fourth gym leader that you battle in platinum?

crasher wake, water types. -seal339

What do you do after beating the fighting gym in platinum?

Go to pastoria and battle the gym leader wake

How do you defeat eighth gym leader Pokemon platinum?

the 8th leader in platinum uses electric type so i would recommend using ground type Pokemon..............if you don't have ground type Pokemon don't worry he isn't that good

What are the names of sunny shore city gym leader Pokemon?

The Gym Leader Name is: Volkner and the Badge is called Beacon Badge. In Pokemon diamond and pearl he has (Raichu, Ambipom, Octillery, and Luxray).In Pokemon platinum Voltner has (Jolteon, Raichu, Luxray, and Electivire) for his rematch he has the same as platinum but add on Lanturn.You rematch him in platinumBut if you want to see the Pokemon just go to this website ---->( fun battling Voltner!!!! :D

How many trainers do you have to battle in the 6th gym on Pokemon platinum?

it doesn't matter as long as if your strong enough to battle the gym leader

How do you battle the gym leader Giovanni?

you don't maybe in diamond platinum or pearl but i really don't know she isn't a gym leader she is a team rocket leader