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No. Electabuzz needs to hold a special item to evolve but it can produce an elekid in daycare without holding an item.

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Q: Do you need to make electabuzz hold a item to breed a elekid?
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Can a magnet evolve electabuzz?

no silly face. An electrizer evolves electabuzzes. That's a hold item you can find on wild elekids. It's only a 5% chance of catching one with the item. Anyway, then you have to equiped and trade electabuzz in order to get electivire

How do you evolve a Pokemon like electabuzz on a emulator?

you give it the item and trade it

Is there any way to get Magmar's and Electebuzz' evolutions without cheating or using Action Replay?

If you have your fire red or leaf green slotted into the bottom of your ds you can find wild magby (leaf green) or elekid (fire red) while playing diamond or pearl on the route 227 and stark mountain but the evolution items are attached to them that's probably what your after.. Note they is only 8% of seening these Pokemon in the wild. Also it might take you a while searching for them let alone getting there items. So try a Pokemon knowing the move thief or trick to receive the item. There's a catch depending on which game your playing diamond or pearl. A magby on Pokemon diamond with leaf green slotted in only has 5% of holding a magmarizer wheareas if you where playing on pearl it would be raised to 50%. This is where you find wild magby. Have fire red slotted into the ds and then you can find wild elekid with the item electrizer on the route 205 (south) and the valley wind works. Only 8% of seening a elekid in the wild also same with the actual item there is only 5% of elekid that hold a electrizer if your on pearl whereas if your playing on diamond it's raised to 50%. Then you can trade your electabuzz/ magmar with a mate with the right item electrizer (electabuzz) and magmar (magmarizer) and you will have your electavire.

Can you get an Electirizer in Pokemon FireRed?

No. Because Electivire was not made yet there is nothing you use to get it. No. The Electirizer is only obtainable in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It is equiped to some wild Elekid and can be traded with an Electabuzz to evolve it into an Electrivire. The item was not created until Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and hence would not appear in any previous Pokemon RP game.

What is a electirizer?

it is a item that will evolve a electabuzz if it is holding it and u trade it and trade back then you will have a atleast lv.20 electivire.

Related questions

When does electivire evolve in pokemon white?

He doesn't. Electivire is the final form of Elekid, while Electabuzz is the second form. To evolve Elekid into Electabuzz you must gain experience and reach Lvl 30. To evolve Electabuzz into Electivire you must trade your Electabuzz while it's holding the item Electrizer.

How Do You Get Electirive?

You make an Electabuzz hold the item Electrizer, then you trade Electabuzz.

Can you catch electrabuzz in Pokemon FireRed?

No, but if you trade an Elekid that's holding the item Electirizer it'll evolve into Electabuzz.

How do you find an Electirizer?

You go out and buy an Action Replay or you can make an Electabuzz hold Electirizer and trade the Electabuzz. Wild Electabuzz and Elekid can sometimes be found holding an Electirizer in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You will need to use the move Trick (or a similar item-stealing move) or catch these Pokemon to get an Electirizer.

HOW TO GET electrizer?

use pok'e radar to find elekid it will hold the item

Does electabuzz evolve by using a thunderstone?

No. In order for your electabuzz to evolve, it needs to hold an item called electrizer whilst trading.

How do you get electro vile in Pokemon diamond?

To get Electrivire, you can either beat Pokemon Battle Revolution to get massive points to download the gift of it into your game, or catch an Elekid on ValleyWindworks when there's an outbreak of them and train it to level 30 to make it evolve, trade the Electabuzz with the Electrizer (I forgot how to spell it) item being held. Another way... is to mirgate an Electabuzz from Fire Red or LeafGreen, make it hold said item and trade it.

What level does Electabuzz evolve?

Electabuzz doesn't evolve through level, you need to let it hold an item called an Electrizer and then trade it to another game.

How do you get electbuzz to evolve?

Give your Electabuzz the item electirizer to hold then trade with one of your friends. It will evolve into Electivire.

How do you evolve electabuzz in heartgold?

You need an electrizer you can get one in the cerulen cave it need to hold the item and you need to trade it

How do you eove Electabuzz in Pokemon diamond?

Electabuzz evolves by trading. Important is that the Electabuzz have to have a Electirizer as hold item. The Electirizer can't be obtain in Pokémon Diamond. So you'll have to get it by trading from an other Pokémon game. For example: you can get it in Pokémon Platinum at Valley Windworks.

Can a magnet evolve electabuzz?

no silly face. An electrizer evolves electabuzzes. That's a hold item you can find on wild elekids. It's only a 5% chance of catching one with the item. Anyway, then you have to equiped and trade electabuzz in order to get electivire

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