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Yes, as Marceline is one of Finn's best friends. As for if he has a crush on her, probably not, as he has a crush on Princess Bubblegum. However, things do change, and he may start to develop feelings for her (although she's 1000 and he's 13). As of now though, they're friends.

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well she likes him the friend way not the girfriend boyfriend thing

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Q: Does Finn like marceline
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Who does Finn like Marceline or prinsess bubble gum?

finn likes princess bubblegum of course who else would he like

Who is suited for Finn the human?

I think Marceline is suited for Finn because they are true friends and love comes from friendship right? So that is why I want Marceline.

Does marceline love Finn?

it seems like it but in the date night episode she says she likes him, but not in that way

Does marceline hate princess bubblegum?

Well at the beggining they hate each other. Bubblegum gets annoyed when Marceline has fun with Finn and Marceline doesn`t like Princess Bubblegum cause Bubble doesnt like her but at the end they get nicer and nicer to each other.

What was the adventure time episode when marceline turn Finn and Jake into vampires?

Marceline doesn't actually bite Finn and Jake. It was just a prank. But the episode is called Heat Signature.

Does Finn like marcline from adventure time?

I think that the episodes Henchmen and Nightosphere should answer that question. Finn is shown hanging out with Marceline in her house, helping her out, etc, while Marceline is shown hanging out with Finn, and seems to want to be friends with him in Henchmen by messing with his mind and trying to get his attention. The answer is certainly yes.

What was the second episode of Finn and Jake?

The Second episode was probably Evited where they had Marceline in it

Adventrue time Did Finn see marceline naked?

Yes, yes he did, and apparently it was GLORIOUS.

Does marceline have and Finn have a crush on each others?

merceline likes finn and finn likes p.b you know princess bubblegum but i think finn likes mercelin a tiny bit to i think merceline and finn would make a cute coupe

What adventure time episode has the biting ritual in it?

You are thinking of the episode 'Heat Signature', in which Marceline tricks Finn and Jake into believing they are vampires.

Adveture time name jake and Finn more?

Some of the characters featured in Adventure Time include Jake and Finn. The names of the other characters include Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, Marceline, The Ice King and Gunter.

What is the birth name of Marceline?

Marceline's birth name is Marceline Orbes.