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Gail does get out of jail as she is found not guilty by the jury in court. The episode was screened on 10th June 2010.

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Well no not from what I hear

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Q: Does Gail get out of jail on Coronation Street?
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Is Gail Macintyre from Coronation Street staying in jail?

She isn't staying in jail she has been released from prison as not guilty of murdering Joe.

Who plays Gail McIntyre in Coronation Street?

Helen Worth plays the part of Gail McIntyre in Coronation Street. She joined Coronation Street in July 1974.

What is Sarah's mum called on coronation street?


Who is the third oldest member of coronation street?

Gail Platt

Who is nicks mum on coronation street?

Gail McIntyre (previously Platt/Tilsley)

Why did Gail take Sarah to the doctors when she was 13 on coronation street?

She suspected Sarah was pregnant

Who plays the policemen in coronation street who broke the news to gail?

Simon Cowell (L)

Who did tricky Dicky try to kill in coronation street?

Gail I think but I could be wrong

Who push Gail Platt down the stairs in Coronation street?

it was her youngest son David Platt

In Coronation street Gail was married to a man called Brian where did he work?

Brian worked in a Garage.

What is gial mcintyer in coronation street real name?

Gail McIntyre is played by actress Helen worth

Is Gail Macintyre of Coronation Street guilty or not guilty?

The episode was on screens on 10th June 2010. The jury decided that Gail was not guilty for the murder of her husband Joe.