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Sorry this is a little late.I can't really say he does, and I can't say he doesn't. I'd say that Kakashi favors Iurka, he has some type of feeling for him. He is fond of him.

Though I can understand where you come from. There are many times that a viewer can get the idea that the two are in love or have some type of relationship.

Naruto Shippuden episode 176-178, the two have a long talk. Their talk implies that, Kakashi was focusing on Iruka eyes. He qoutes that his eyes are "dead". This worries Kakashi a bit.

Also Kakashi "died" for Iruka.

During the Pein invasion, Kakashi saved Iruka and ended up dying later while fighting Pein.

Masashi Kishimoto could have made Kakashi protect anyone else, but it had to be Iruka. That says something.

Now, the issue with Rin/Kakashi and Hanare/Kakashi...he doesn't love any of those two.

Rin, he respected as a teammate.

He would've killed Hanare if she hadn't lost her will to fight.

Now, he basically reads a porn novel.

Though many people deny it, this can be a large pointer that he isactuallygay or bi. He has to feel in that void somehow. XD

I hope this helps you.

I canactuallysee Kakashi and Iruka being in a secret relationship.

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Iruka tends to blush when complimented by someone he admires. If Kakashi said something like: "You're a great teacher Iruka!", that would make Iruka blush because Kakashi is an Elite ninja and Iruka idolizes Kakashi in a way.

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Yes he does..

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Q: Does Naruto blush
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That never happened and I can guarentee it never will. Episode 11 (or 10, I cant remember.) he blushed when he asked Naruto for help training, I think he blushed at Sakura somewhere around the chuunin exams too, but cant remember. Oh yes, also he blushes a lot in his flashbacks of his brother. Here; I cant link you to the episode, but here's the manga version: The blush is less visible in the anime, but still there.

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He has never Blushed in the main series,or in the manga.

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