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No. Sasuke's snake is dead.

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Q: Does Naruto summoning died
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Is Summoning Jutsu there on Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising?

yes summoning jutsu is active since the 2nd naruto game was invented

Can Naruto do the summoning jutsu in Naruto the broken bond?

Sorry, he can't. I wish he could.

What is in the scroll that was passed from Jiraiya to Naruto?

The scroll naruto holds now is the summoning scroll of the toads of myobokuzan........

What is katsyua in Naruto?

The giant slug summoning jutsu from tsunade.

Where is the summoning sheet in Naruto?

In naruto path of the ninja 2, go to Do the same thing in naruto path of the ninja 1.

Naruto path of the ninja jiraiya summoning sheet?

the hokages basment

How do you customize Naruto with Kakashi's summoning justsu on Naruto un2?

you should be able to by putting it to where you can summon and then but it to where it is him instead of the dogs

Where do you find summonings on naruto path of ninja 2?

Do kumites and get Jonin for summoning ninja cards Or if you need in-game summoning you will get them throughout the game

How did Gaara lose against Naruto?

Naruto used summoning, then gaara grabbed naruto. naruto couldn't move but could only move his head. then naruto thought of an idea. naruto headbutted gaara's seal and his invincible power was temporarily lost.

Words of naruto summoning jutsu Ino tori.......?

the summoning jutsu is I, INU, TORI, SARU, HITSUJI..........(BOAR,DOG, BIRD, MONKEY,SHEEP).....if u want the pictures of the hand signs try these links.........

How many summoning sheet codes are there in Naruto path of the ninjas?

i know 6 but they didn't work for me

What is the jutsu that Naruto has the most trouble with?

Ninja art summoning giant toad toad blade cut