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No. PlayStation 2 does not have PlayStation Store.

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Q: Does PS2 have PlayStation Store
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Is ps2 software free at the PlayStation store?

No the PS2 games are not free at the Playstation Store and they are not the original PS2 games but are reworked to Play on PS3 consoles

Can the PlayStation 2 go to the PlayStation store?

Nope, the ps2 can't go onto the online PlayStation store. It's only the ps3 that can do this.

How do you use the PlayStation store on the PS2?

I am not sure but i do not think that you can :S

Can you dowload ps2 games to a ps3?

No you can only download games from the Playstation store and they do not have PS2 games

What format are the games from PlayStation store?

The PlayStation store sells only games that are compatible with Sony PlayStation Products and include the PS2, PS3, PSP and PSP Go

What PlayStation 2 game are compatible with PlayStation 3?

most all of them, you just need to get the update that lets you play ps2 games and you get it at the playstation store

How much does the game bully cost for ps3?

9.99 at the Playstation Store. The game must be purchased from the Playstation Store is it is one of the PS2 classics that have been developed to be playable on the PS3

Where in the PlayStation store do you download the PlayStation 2 content?

In the Classics section. Usually it says PS2 classics. It will show up in on eof the collections.

Can you play PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No the games for the PS2 do not work on the original PlayStation that the PS2 replaced

For PlayStation 3 80 gig how do you download ps2?

Not all PS3 80 GB models even play PS2 games if yours has only 2 USB ports to plug a controller in, it is one that can not play PS2 games. On the 4 USB port PS3 models you play the PS2 games from Game Discs not downloads except the ones that may be available from the Playstation store. Although I have never seen a PS2 game being sold at the Playstation Store

Do you need a memory card for a PlayStation 2?

Yes, to store PlayStation 2 game data you need a 8MB (PS2) memory card. The PS2 will still play most games without a memory card

How you can download the nexus content on smackdown vs raw 2011 for ps2?

You can't download The Nexus on ps2, because you need to connect it to PlayStation Store.