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No, Rosalie doesn't die at the end of Breaking Dawn. She becomes nicer to Bella cause she had Renesmee and became and aunt.

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Q: Does Rosalie Hale die at the end of Breaking Dawn?
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Do Rosalie and Emmett Hale have a house to themselves in Breaking Dawn?

no and they die a horrible grueling death.

Did Rosalie die in breaking dawn as a vampire?

Rosalie doesn't die.

Does Emmettand Rosalie die in Breaking Dawn?

they dont die

Is Rosalie hale going to die?

yes; sorry

Does the volturi die in Breaking Dawn?

No the volturi do not die in breaking dawn

Will the cullens die by the volturi in Breaking Dawn?

No, if you read Breaking Dawn, the do not die.

Why did Rosalie Hale kill her fiancee'?

Rosalie Hale killed her fiance because he and his friends assaulted and left her for dead, causing her to become a vampire in order to seek revenge.

Does Jake die in Breaking Dawn?

No. He does not die in Breaking Dawn, he imprints on Renesmee and hopes to live his entire life with Renesmee

Does Bella die in breacking dawn?

first of all its BREAKING dawn not breacking dawn and no bella doesnt die in BREAKING dawn she becomes a vampire and lives with edward and their child renesmee

Does Jane die in Breaking Dawn?

No, she does not.

Does charlie die in Breaking Dawn?


Did edward in Breaking Dawn die?