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Maybe, Yes

Because i think that maybe Spongebob and Sandy Are in love.

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spongebobs is feeling

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Q: Does SpongeBob have feelings for sandy?
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Does Spongebob Squarepants like Sandy Cheeks?

Indeed Spongebob SquarePants does, SpongeBob first met Sandy in the episode called "Tea at the Treedom" in which SpongeBob wanted to be with Sandy all of the time. Another instance is that their favorite activities are 'Karate, Science and Hanging out at Goo Lagoon'.

Has SpongeBob was sandy boyfrined?

Sandy is Spongebob's friend, not his 'girlfriend'.

What color will SpongeBob and sandy wedding be?

SpongeBob and Sandy aren't getting married

Where is Sandy from on SpongeBob SquarePants?

Sandy is from Texas.

Who Has More Dates With SpongeBob Pearl Or Sandy?

That Would Be Pearl, Remember That Time Where Spongebob And Pearl Were On The Prom. Sandy Does Not Have Any Dates With Spongebob And The Wedding Of Spongebob And Sandy Was Just A Play, They Were Not Really Married. Although Still, Pearl Saved Sandy's Life.

Where is sandy cheeks born from SpongeBob?

When Spongebob is jelly-fishing he saw Sandy Clam Wrestling then Spongebob said tries to Sandy and Sandy came out of the clam then Sandy saw Spongebob then Spongebob is stuck inside a clam then Sandy rescues Spongebob and that's the time they meet.ummmmmmmmmmm

Who will spongebob marry?

sandy because she loves spongebob

What is a fact about SpongeBob?

Sandy, SpongeBob, Squidward & Patrick

Who would win SpongeBob or sandy?

spongebob FTW

What does sandy play with?

sandy in bikinibottom plays with spongebob

Who is the squirrel on SpongeBob?

Sandy Cheeks

How old is sandy cheeks from SpongeBob?

Sandy is 25. Her birthday is in November. Incedentally, SpongeBob and Patrick are 23.