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Q: Does Thor the film relate to belonging?
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How does strictly ballroom relate to belonging?

Though the themes of the film. E.g. - Individuality vs conformity - Belonging to goups - Fear and power - Multiculturalism

Who plays thor in the film thor 2011?

Chris hemsworth plays thor in the film thor (2011)

What Thor movie is Loki in?

The 2011 film Thor and the 2013 film Thor: The Dark World .

Does avatar relate to belonging?


Where was thor banished too in the film Thor?

Earth. He was dropped into the New Mexico desert.

Who plays thor on the new thor movie?

Chris Hemsworth has been playing Thor in the Marvel movies that have been released lately. His last film was Thor 2: The Dark World.

Use your creativity how would you relate longing and belonging?

you know what i have no idea

Is thor a 12a?

yes i watched 20mins of this film its rubbish

How can you relate the crucible and animal farm to belonging I need to link them in some way Any ideas?

ANYTHING CAN RELATE TO BELONGING! As a HSC graduate in 2010, I have found that belonging can stretch to include anything. Think belonging in terms of Appearance, emotions, family, isolation, segregation, security, physical belonging, etc. Think outside the box and anything belongs, even if it doesn't (see Emily Dickinson poetry).

Why was the Norse god Thor so popular?

When the vikings were around, Thor was popular because he was their god and very strong. But the reason why nowadays is because Thor was made into a marvel superhero and features in modern comics, films and film merchandise. Though Thor was greatly altered from the original Norse Thor.

Is Tom Hiddleston going to be in 'Thor 2'?

Yes- he will be returning as Loki in "Thor: The Dark World". However, there will be other villains involved in the second film.

Was hawkeye in Thor?

Yes, he had a cameo in the Thor film, and was played by Jeremy Renner.