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No, Naruto does not know that he is the 4th Hokage's son because he was given the mother's name.

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Q: Does naruto friends know that he is 4th hokage's son?
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Does the village of konoha know Naruto is the 4th Hokages son?

Yes. Although Naruto doesn't even know until Shippuden, mostly everyone in Konoha knows that.

Is Naruto the 4th Hokages son?

Yes yes and yes!!!!!!!!!

What are the 4 Hokages name from naruto all four Hokages names?

Hashirama Senju (1st), Tobirama Senju (2nd), Hiruzen Sarutobi (3rd), Minato Namikaze (4th)

Can be naruto Uzumaki or 4th Hokages clan?

The fourth hokage is not from a known clan, but his wife came from the Uzumaki clan

How old is the first Hokage?

the 1st, 2nd, and 4th hokages are all dead at the start of Naruto

What is the 4th Hokages name?

Minato Uzamaki he is Naruto's dad and Jeria's student his nickname is the YELLOW FLASH STUDENTS: KAKASHI, RIN, and TOBI

Is Jiraiya the 4th Hokage's father?

No, Jiraiya was the 4th Hokages sensei. no

Is Naruto the yellowflash?

No, Naruto is not the Yellowflash. The yellowflash was the Yondaime or as many know him, the 4th Hokage, HIS FATHER.

Will naruto come to know fourth Hokage as his father?

yes!it is when the 4th sealed again the fox into naruto. When naruto fights pain in konoha.

Do Kakashi and Itachi know that Naruto is the fourth Hokage's son?

Both Kakashi and Itachi know that Naruto is the son of the 4th. watch episode 82 and you'll see. Spoiler Alert Itachi says their after the 4th's legacy as in his son and when Itachi says that Kakashi thinks "Naruto he's after Naruto."

Does Naruto know who his parents are?

no he doesn't. -not until shippuden. minato (the 4th hokage) tells naruto when naruto is about to let the nine tailed fox go

What episode does Naruto find out who his parents are?

In the Anime Naruto does not know his parents are yet, Naruto finds out his dad is the 4th hokage in chapter 440 of the manga and his mother is kushina in chapter 498, in the anime naruto still does not know

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