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No it doesn't. Just put the honey once on a tree and wait at least 6 hours. Don't wait too long because after 24 hours the tree is empty again and you have to put new honey on it.

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yes it does.

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Q: Does putting more honey on a honey tree in Pokemon Platinum make a difference?
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W here do you get a heractoss in Pokemon platinum?

By putting honey on a tree.

Where can you find an aipom in Pokemon Platinum?

try putting honey on a tree 50 times

How do you get data for Combee on Pokemon Platinum?

sometimes on a honey tree but if you want to evolve it you NEED IT TO BE FEMALE

How do you find wormadam in pokemon platinum?

Get a burmy by putting Honey on trees and checking it out after a day.Evolve it to wormadam then.You can get Honey after you defeat the grunts at the place above flaoroma town, and a man sells you honey.

Where to find wormadan on Pokemon platinum?

you cant .however, you can catch burmy, the first evolution of wormadam, by putting honey on yellow twees.

Where can you catch a Heracross on Pokemon platinum?

smear honey on a honey tree

How do you get Muchlax in pokemon Platinum?

on a honey tree

How do you combie Pokemon in platinum?

in a honey tree

How do you get hearacrose in Pokemon platinum?

Honey trees

Where can you get honey in Pokemon Platinum?

Go To Floroma Town You Should See A Entrance On The Corner Of The Town You See A Man, And That's Where You Get Honey In Pokemon Platinum.

Where do you find the Pokemon munchlax in Pokemon platinum?

Slather honey on trees On Valley Windworks' Honey Tree

Where do you find munchlax in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum: Spread honey on a honey tree. Pearl: Spread honey on a honey tree. Diamond:Sread honey on a honey tree. To get a Snorlax, you have to level up Munchlax with high friendship (in pearl,diamond, and platinum)