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It depends what age .

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Q: Does the child get to chose which parent he or she lives with?
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At what age can a child in Illinois chose which parent he lives with?

Age 18 see links below

In California when can a child chose which parent to live with?

When they are 18.

If a child lives with one parent can the other parent who does not live in the same home claim that same child?

Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

Does a child of 17 have the right to chose where he lives if the parents have joint custody and one parent is moving out of state?

Not specifically, they have an opinion that can be considered by the courts.

At what age can a child chose which parent they want to live with in Alabama?


What is the legal age in Colorado a child can chose which parent to live with?


Who has rights to the child if one parent leaves the house where the child lives?

The second parent or closest relative

What age does a child have to be to chose if they want to live with a parent or grandparent?

maybe 19

What age can a child choose which parent to live with in Quebec Canada?

hi. what age can my son chose to live, with which parent

What is the difference between a custodial parent and a residential parent?

A custodial parent is the parent who has custody of the child. Usually, that would be both parents. A residential parent is the parent who the child lives with the most.

Can mother chose grandparents to watch child in place of father?

A parent can chose whomever they are comfortable with and believe will take care of the child properly while they are away. There is no requirement that a child has to be with a parent, or even a relative. The decisions cannot interfere with the other parent's rights to access and visitation as prescribed by the court.

Divorce with child custody when spouse lives abroad?

A divorce with the custody of a child involved can get very tricky when one parent lives abroad. It is almost impossible to force the absent parent to pay child support, and if the parent takes the child to some countries it may be impossible for the US parent to get the child back,

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