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Yes it does The poetic devices are Alliteration, Rhyme,Hyperbole.

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Q: Does the song grenade have any poetic devices in it?
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Are there any poetic devices in the song what makes you beautiful?


Does the song love story have any poetic devices in it?

all i got was 'I was a scarlett letter'. its a metaphor.

Why poetic devices are important?

Poetic devices are integral to the production of any poem in that they are there to create sounds and pictures within poetry.

any poetic devices in the poem how things work?

with electric

Does the song grenade by Bruno mars have any swears in it?

No it has no swears in it

Did Bruno Mars' song Grenade win any gramie?

well I'm not sure about this question but yes, Bruno mars sang a song called grenade and he won 2 Grammies award.

What are the poetic devices used in rain in summer?

the poetic devices are as following: Simile eg. like the tramp of hoofs Onomatopoeia eg. clatter and roar tell me if there are any personifications used here or metaphor

What are some poetic terms in Taylor Swifts song love story?

there aren't any

What song has metaphors in it?

most songs that have been written usually have different literature devices and so you can choose almost any song and will be able to most likely find metaphors, similes, personification or any other different devices

What devices do not involve Satanism?

Actually, hardly any devices involve Satanism. There was once a famous poetic reference to "dark, Satanic mills" but in general, technology is not viewed as Satanic. Devices are merely intended to help us to do something more easily than we otherwise could, they almost never have any religious element to them, Satanic or otherwise.

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