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Q: Fictional places in odyssey
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Fictional characters that starts with U?

Ulysses from The Odyssey Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Which two places Vicky Austin visits in the book Troubling a Star are fictional?

Vespugia and Eddington Point are the tow places that Vicky visits that are fictional

How many places did Odysseus travel to in the Odyssey?


What do Zembla Zenda and Xanadu have in common?

They are fictional places.

What was the date the fictional computer HAL 9000 became operational?

The fictional HAL 9000 onboard the fictional Discovery became self-aware on 12th January, 1992. Source: The film script.

How did Homer's Odyssey influence geography?

It didn't, really. Most places mentioned in the Odyssey were either already well-known places, or they were mythical. The ancient Greeks fully realized that the Odyssey was 'just' an heroic story and not a book of factual (geografical) information.

Do vampires live in sunny or cloudy places?

Vampires live in fictional places of gloomy atmospheres.

What theme does the Adventures in Odyssey radio series focus on?

Theradio series called "Adventures in Odyssey" has a Christian theme. It is set in the fictional town of Odyssey and mainly revolved around an ice-cream company called Emporium. The series focuses on christian values.

What Fictional places start with k?

kaldor city, klow, kandor,

What fictional character made seven voyages to exciting places?


Why is Old Man of the Temple a fantasy?

Because it includes fictional places and people

Is there any places in red dead redemption that are real?

it is a fictional place so no