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Q: Grandmaster Flash Queen Latifah and Russell Simmons have contributed a great deal to the world of hip-hop. From the list below match the correct contributions andor accomplishments to the correct pers?
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How has queen latifah contributed to NJ?

She has contributed by being a robber of cars and then she got aressted

Could you show Queen Latifah major accomplishments?


How did Queen Latifah contribute to music?

Queen latifah's accomplishments were by honoring the accomplishments of such brilliant performers as latifah Zoe macy and gobourey whose incredible talent and sheer grilt are serving to change the face of Hollywood.

What was queen latifah's accomplishments?

she has gotten grammys and mad albums stared in shows and made movies

How tall is Latifah?

queen latifah is 5'10

Is Latifah tall?

queen latifah is 5'10

What is queen latifah's moms name?

Rita is Queen Latifah's moms name

When is Latifah's birthday?

queen latifah was born on March 18,1970.

Is Queen Latifah tall?

queen latifah is 5'10

What is Queenn Latifah's real name?

Queen Latifah

When was Latifah born?

Queen Latifah was born on March 18, 1970.

What is Latifah famous for?

Queen Latifah is famous for being a rapper.